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Daniel 12: 7 - (7) Seven Year Period

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Revelation 7:14 - A Place they (Saints) came out of

  ( 7 ) Year Period of Time:

  "The Great Tribulation" is seen as a period of time with a span of seven years as most religious   leaders believe.

  Now, the (7) seven years (Daniel 7:25 ; 12:7) is referred to by some that say it deals with the life of   mankind after the resurrection of the saints of God.

  Furthermore, this (7) seven year period many believe that if any man or woman will be saved; that   they must refuse the Mark of the “Beast (Satan) or face the possibility of death by beheading.

  The scriptures and verses that are commonly used is taken from the passages below:


  Book of Revelation Chapter 13

  Revelation Chapter ( 20 ) Verse ( 4 )

What is the meaning of the Great Tribulation?

Reference 3

 Revelation 2:22 - A Bed (Grave)
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